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Product photography by David Bowman.

Providing high quality FBA photography and image editing. Fast turnaround and personalised service to suit any budget.  

Professional work seen on:

About me

Hi my name is David, welcome to my website. I am a professional product photographer located near Cambridge.
I have over 16 years experience working in digital media, I specialise in Amazon/FBA listings. My work often involves replacing my clients existing images to maximise their appeal and increase online sales. In my career I have also worked as an artist on BAFTA award winning projects. My years of experience in photo-manipulation and photography gives me a unique approach as I can cover a wide range of needs.


Product Photography

I specialise in FBA product photography and will work with you to show your products in the best light possible.

Image Editing

I have over 16 years professional experience using Photoshop and other image manipulation software. This allows me to polish and finesse the images of your product to take your Amazon listing to the next level. 


For many years I have freelanced in various animation studios around the UK. I have created illustrations (2d and 3d) for multiple products on the market today.



I offer product images from £100 per set. (Based on 3 images of a simple product on a white background.)

As with finger prints no two products are the same. It is only fair to you, the client to price each job based on the product. Please get in touch and I’d be more than happy to give you more information/a quote based on your needs.


David has taken pictures for over 8 of my products now. I have been really pleased with them all and they have really helped improve my sales. If you need your Amazon photographs doing then I would highly recommend him! A first class job and I will carry on using him for all future product photography.  

– Mike Payton

I must thank David for all his support and help with producing my images. I was very uncertain of the best style of photograph to use for my different needs and David was able to advise and explain aspects of photography that I would have otherwise completely overlooked.  David offered to digitally amend the images afterwards to my taste, and I am extremely happy with the end result. Thank you Product-Art!

– Rosie Cooper

Incredibly happy with my new images that David helped me with. I can’t believe the difference in sales. Thank you so much.

– Helen Stickney

UK Based Studio